Introducing Sequence v1.6


Version 1.6 has been released!

You have until July 1, 2018 to migrate your code from SDK v1.x to v1.6.

  • Until this date, all versions of the SDK (with both the new and deprecated interfaces) will continue to work.

  • After this date, we will drop support for v1.x SDKs (with the deprecated interfaces) and only v1.6 (with the new interfaces) will work going forward.

For migration instructions, see the changelog.



Released Feb 7, 2018 - view changelog

  • Introduce user-provided id on accounts and keys (replaces alias). If not provided, id will be system-generated.
  • Deprecate alias on accounts and keys.
  • Introduce actions query interfaces.


Released Feb 16, 2018 - view changelog

  • Introduce flavors - flavor will replace asset as the term used to describe the type of value tracked in a ledger. This paves the way for the following release where we will introduce tokens.
  • Introduce SEQXXX error codes in the seq_code field of the error object.
  • Deprecate CHXXX error codes in the code field of the error object.


Released Mar 1, 2018 - view changelog

  • Introduce tokens - tokens are the new name for all value in the ledger. Each token has a flavor to distinguish it from others. For example, you can create a USD flavor, and then issue tokens of that flavor.
  • Introduce token tags (replaces contract reference data) - if you need to earmark specific tokens in an account, you can tag them with token_tags in the action when creating a transaction.
  • Introduce filter on transaction builder - when adding an action, in addition to an amount, flavor_id, and source_account_id, you can provide a filter to target tokens with specific tags.
  • Deprecate the list contracts interface - with the new filter feature on the transaction builder, you will no longer need to interact with the underlying contracts to transact with specific tokens.
  • Introduce the list interface on tokens (the new name for query).
  • Introduce the sum interface on tokens (replaces the balance query interface).
  • Deprecate the balance query interface - to calculate a balance, you will now use the sum tokens interface.
  • Introduce the list interface for keys, accounts, and transactions.
  • Deprecate the query method on keys, accounts, and transactions.
  • Update pagination interfaces on all query interfaces.


Released Mar 8, 2018 - view changelog

  • Introduce tags on actions.
  • Deprecate reference data on actions.
  • Add support for timestamp inequalities (<, >, <=, >=) in filters (when querying and building transactions).


Released Mar 16, 2018 - view changelog

  • Add support for SDK-specific fieldname cases in filters (e.g. accountId=$1 in Node and Java, account_id=$1 in Ruby).
  • Deprecate support for non-SDK-specific fieldnames (e.g. account_id=$1 in Node and Java)
  • Deprecate reference data on transactions.
  • Introduce key ids array on accounts and flavors.
  • Deprecate keys array on accounts and flavors.
  • Update query iterator interface in Node SDK.
  • Update query iterator interface in Ruby SDK.
  • Introduce feeds.
  • Deprecate contracts array on transactions.


Released Apr 18, 2018 - view changelog

  • Remove deprecated interfaces


If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email us at [email protected].